RARITY LORE #2 - Antarctica

base landscape layer in DROS of mountains and glaciers in Antarctica

Every layer in DROS has its own story. Some are very impressive and took me through great lengths and effort to photograph, while the lowest rarity layers were very simple. In these Rarity Lore blog posts I'd like to specifically talk about certain rarity layers, explain why they're so rare and how I photographed them.

In this second Rarity Lore blog post I want to talk about Antarctica a bit. Antarctica is special. It's remote, and most of the time you have to cross the 'scary' Drake Passage to get there. Seas can get rough and your ship can be a toy of the sea when traveling through this channel. Luckily, on my passing the sea was very calm, in which case Drake Passage can be called 'Drake Lake'. You can read the full story about my trip on the website of Iceland Photo Tours, the company I guide photo tours with to remote destinations like Greenland and Antarctica.

Antarctica gives you that feeling of real remoteness. It has a special atmosphere to it. In summer, it's actually not that cold, which is worrying. When I visited more than 2 years ago in summer there were times you could walk outside in your t-shirt. Global warming makes the temperatures rise slowly. This is the main reason why the Landscape layers of Antarctica in DROS are one of the rarer pieces you will be able to obtain. Simply because: These landscapes might not exist anymore in a number of years. The fact that they were not easy to photograph and are threatened to disappear, makes these landscapes rare in reality, and rare in our NFT.

The landscapes are simply spectacular. You'll see huge mountains and sometimes even bigger pieces of ice. And you'll often see Orcas and whales around your ship. Your ship needs to be able to navigate through all of the ice, and sometimes (occasionally actually) needs to crush small pieces of ice to get through. Lemaire Channel in Antarctica is one of the most spectacular places I have seen in this world: A narrow channel with towering mountains on both side, full of ice. It's not always possible to pass because of all of the ice, but once you can, the views around are stunning. One of the base landscape layers in DROS is based off of this place:

with some DROS generated examples:

While our DROS NFT is based off of landscapes around the world, I don't want to miss the opportunity to show you some photos of penguins in this blog post. Penguins are one of the funniest animals on our planet. And even though I am mainly a landscape photographer, I really enjoyed photographing penguins in Antarctica. I could spend hours just looking at them and seeing how they interact with each other and other wildlife.

You can see my full series of penguins of Antarctica on the website of the Washington Post

You will be lucky to own a DROS piece with an Antarctica landscape in it :) Honestly, I'd like to own one myself! Stay tuned for more Rarity Lore posts coming soon!


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