RARITY LORE #1 - Erupting volcano

Every layer in DROS has its own story. Some are very impressive and took me through great lengths and effort to photograph, while the lowest rarity layers were very simple. In these Rarity Lore blog posts I'd like to specifically talk about certain rarity layers, explain why they're so rare and how I photographed them.

The first in these series is my erupting volcano shot that I photographed in 2017 of the Fuego volcano in Guatemala. I didn't just photograph the volcano while it was erupting, but I wanted to line up the shot with the milky way arch over the valley. This was only possible during certain dates that year and I had to plan accordingly. Through specific planning I found out that my idea was indeed possible, but there was obviously also some luck involved. The volcano had to erupt exactly when I needed it to. Luckily, the volcano was very active during that period of time and I eventually managed to capture the shot I wanted.

It was a photo that turned out exactly how I had envisioned it. The volcano photos from that time are still special to me. And they looked so surreal they were featured in many (both offline and online) magazines.

The full story can be seen on my own website.






The Mirror






& Many more

The most rare layers in DROS in the landscape category:

Erupting Volcano - original photo

Erupting Volcano Daytime - original photo:

Generated DROS examples:

Stay tuned for more Rarity Lore from the rarest layers in DROS!


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