DROS Introduction & Rarities

11 days ago on November 7, 2021 we announced DROS. Our announcement immediately peaked interest and our Discord server quickly filled up to claim the OG status to be eligible for whitelist. We realise we have been a bit quiet since then but we can assure you we're hard at work behind the scenes. And when there are updates, you'll hear them from us immediately. I'd like to use this blog post to start things off.

I am currently still refining the layers and choosing what exactly will be implemented in DROS. Here's a gallery of photos that are somehow implemented in DROS. This can be the landscape, the sky, or the foreground. Like shown in our promotional video , I manually used enhanced selection tools to cut out all the layers separately from the photos. I am doing this by hand, so it's taking a lot of time to make refined selections.

Speak Peek

Sneak peek gallery of elements of DROS

We have erupting volcanoes, icebergs, remote landscapes, lots of mountains from around the world, windmills, tulips, waterfalls, even even some cities (not 100% sure what will be in the NFT yet).

Some people have been asking me how this works so I'll explain this again:

In the above example we have 3 source images: A landscapes with hills from Tuscany Italy, A summer heather landscape with purple heather in full bloom from the Netherlands, and a Twilight landscape scene from Austria. The resulting image has the 'landscape' from Tuscany, the 'foreground' from the Netherlands and the 'sky' from Austria. We also have atmosphere effects like fog and smoke.

Like displayed above, we have hundreds of 'source' images that are all randomised in a random generator, so we don't even know the combinations that will come out ourselves eventually. But during our testing phase we've seen a lot of incredible results that almost look like real landscapes in a fantasy world:

Some examples:


We've mentioned this a couple of times before: DROS rarities are aimed to match real world rarity some some extend. We have 4 categories of elements:

- Foregrounds

- Landscapes

- Skies

- Atmosphere

When we're talking about 'real world rarity', here's an example:

Last year we were able to see comet Neowise for a period of time. This was really unique. It's not often that we can see such an interesting comet with the naked eye in the sky. That's why the comet Neowise is the most rare element in the 'skies' , shortly followed by the Solar Eclipse, then the auroras (different intensity) and so on:


the 'Neowise Comet' sky is the rarest sky in DROS

Skies rarity sneak peek:

Once in a life:

Comet Neowise

Extreme Legendary:

Solar Eclipse


Aurora layers


Night sky layers with Milky Way, star trails

Extreme Storm layers with storm clouds, lightning




Amazing sunsets

Twilight skies


Blue skies

Grey skies



All of these elements have lots of different layers, think of dozens of sunsets, ordinary clouds, storms etc. The same goes when we look at the rarity of our 'landscapes', with our rarest landscape being an erupting volcano followed by ice and glaciers from Antarctica (which are sadly slowly disappearing because of global warming).


While we're hard at work with the Solana contract and minting website, here are some things to expect in the next blog post:

- More details on Landscape rarity.

- Information on Charity aspects.

- Rough estimate on minting date.

- More interesting news coming up :)

We're also running occasional giveaways on Twitter & Discord so make sure to follow us there and join us for a chat on Discord. And feel free to ask more questions or have a chat there. I'll try to be there occasionally!

And last, thanks everyone so much for your interest in this project so far!


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