DROS is the world's first generative photo NFT project based on photographs taken around the globe over a period of 10 years by world-renowned photographer Albert Dros.

The DROS collection consists of surrealistic landscapes the world has never seen before using meticulously selected Foregrounds, Backgrounds, Skies, Atmospheres, and other layers from his work.

DROS is using the Solana Ecosystem More info below.



Albert Dros is an award-winning photographer from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He is known for his spectacular photos of land- and cityscapes all over the world. 
His work has been published by some of the world’s biggest media channels, including TIME, The Huffington Post, The Lonely Planet, BBC, and National Geographic. Dros’ work can be found on billboards worldwide from brands like Sony, Timberland, and Microsoft.


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A word from Albert Dros himself: “I aim to capture a scene, a moment, a landscape and show it to the viewer the same way I experienced it. In the NFT space and Metaverse, this is the opposite. AI and generative art are about your imagination and fantasy, which fascinates me. 


So I thought: what if I selected the best details from my work to create unique randomly generated photorealistic landscapes.


Think of Dutch windmills with sunflowers from Italy and a stormy sky from the United States. Or mountains from Antarctica with Dutch Tulips and an aurora from Iceland. There are endless possibilities, and every result is a work of art on its own. I enjoy seeing my artwork in a completely new way!"


The idea of this project is to bring all kinds of different landscapes from all around the world together in single artworks, completely randomly generated. Every piece is unique. Dros’ photo archive creates a whole new dimension and shows the world in a unique new way.




That's right! We are launching DROS on Solana because of various reasons:


- Eco-friendly : Solana's proof of stake chain has a minimal impact on the environment relative to other blockchains.

- Low gas fees: It is no surprise that Ethereum gas fees are rising higher and higher. By launching on Solana, everyone can mint a piece without competing in 'gas wars' and spending hefty fees.

- Supporting the SOL Ecosystem with something new and unique. SOL NFTs are upcoming, but most of them are simple PFPs (profile pictures). DROS is the first NFT of its kind.



Low entry - getting the art on Solana!

- Low Entry : With a mint price of just .33 Sol (about 15 USD at the time of release) this project has a very low entry. We simply want to get the art out there.

- 100% Fair: In the end we decided to just launch the project without whitelist, presale, or anything. Also, no NFTs are reserved for the team. We are buying/minting our own NFTs. That way, dros is 100% fair.



8888 Unique Randomly Generated Photo NFTs

UNIQUE RARITY SYSTEM : Hundreds of layers based on real-world rarity. For example, the lunar eclipse sky is extremely rare because it’s rare to observe in reality. The same goes for an erupting volcano landscape.


Check out our Full Rarity Table!


Perks of owning DROS:

- High quality image that can be used as wallpaper or twitter header.

- Owning a unique artwork based on Albert Dros’ award-winning photos.

- High-quality Wallpaper airdrops to all holders.

- Print giveaways.

- Exclusive DROS community.


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